Be the talk of the neighborhood this year by making your yard pop with color by adding annual flowers to your landscape. We offer the largest selection of annual flowers that allow you to take advantage of different vibrant colors and textures to create an eye-catching appeal to your property.

We carry our annuals in 804 packs, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” hanging baskets, 12”-16” pre-made patio combo pots, as well as various other exciting and different potted and displayed options.

We offer the classic petunias, ageratum, hypoestes, portulaca, and all in the traditional whites, purples, blues, and reds, but we also have a modern spin to all these as well, such as the night sky petunia or the double guava portulaca.

The list is too long to write in full, some of our spring annual collection is as follows:

Ageratum, begonia, calibrachoa, daisy, euphorbia, fuchsia, gazania, hibiscus, impatiens, jasmine, lantana, marigold, nasturtium, oyster plant, passionflower, ranunculus, snapdragon, thunbergia, vinca, zinnia

Stop by to see the full selection and all the wonderful, new, and exciting varieties we are carrying this year.