Garden Shop

Our Garden Shop provides you with everything you need from seeds to tools, compost, and fertilizer to grow a picture perfect garden.  We carry grass seed perfect for this climate.  If you want a premium looking lawn try Jonathan Green Black Beauty grass seed.   To keep your lawn looking beautiful try one of our lawn programs by Greenview or Jonathan Green.  Have kids and pets?  We have organic options for fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, and soils.  February is seed starting time.  Stop in for lighting, heat maps, seeds, seed starting mix, pete pots, and more.


Hydrofarm NOW IN STOCK

  • 4′ Jump Start Grow Light System
  • 2′ Jump Start Grow Light System
  • Dayspot Incandescent Grow Light 60 watt
  • Hydroton 10lb Bag Growing Medium

Fox Farm branded fertilizer and soils

  • Ocean Froest Compost 1.5 Cf
  • Grow Big (soil growing)
  • Grow Big (hydroponics)
  • Big Bloom
  • Tiger Bloom
  • Open Sesame 5-45-19
  • Beastie Blmz 0-50-30
  • Cha Ching 9-50-10
  • Bush Doctor Microbe Brew
  • Bush Doctor Kanaroots
  • Bush Doctor Sledgehammer
  • High Phosphate Bat Guano
  • and much more!